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How do you Measure your PR Performance? Hopefully not with AVEs.

Advertising Value Equivalencies (AVEs) have been a standard for years. By assigning a dollar value to media coverage based on readership or circulation figures, they essentially pretend that paid and earned media are the same.

Here’s the thing, though. They’re not. Equating paid and earned media on some kind inch-for-inch basis is an outdated, inaccurate method of calculating value. And it's costing your brand to use this type of PR measurement.

This ebook discusses why AVEs shouldn't have a role in proving the value of your PR, and gives you alternate PR measurement standards that hold up to any stakeholder.

In this ebook you'll learn:

⊕  Why AVE is an outdated and faulty metric

⊕  What the PR industry really thinks about AVE

⊕  PR Metrics that actually show business impact 

⊕  And more!


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